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Cosmetic choices: Conventional, Organic, and Oil-Based Skincare

In the complex world of the cosmetic industry, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the myriad of choices, often deceptive. With the rise of greenwashing, where traditional brands attempt to mask their products behind labels touting natural ingredients, distinguishing between truth and falsehood becomes increasingly challenging.

How many times have we been drawn in by promises of pomegranate or avocado in our products, only to discover that these ingredients were present in negligible quantities?

Conventional Cosmetics

Conventional cosmetics dominate the market with their synthetic formulations. They often prioritize synthetic dyes and fragrances that can be replicated infinitely without variation, thus offering homogeneity across thousands of products. However, these products often lack true beneficial active ingredients for the skin. In reality, they contain an average of about 60% water and between 0 and 4% of genuinely effective actives. Moreover, the synthetic preservatives necessary to preserve these products can disrupt the skin's natural balance and pose risks to health.

Organic Cosmetics

In response, organic cosmetics present themselves as a more natural alternative. They generally exclude silicones and other synthetic ingredients in favor of formulations that are more environmentally friendly. Although organic cosmetics often replace water with hydrosols or aloe vera, thereby increasing the percentage of actives, it remains essential to verify certifications to ensure their authenticity.

Oil-Based Cosmetics

Then there are oil-based cosmetics, also known as oleo-cosmetics. They stand out for their exclusive use of carrier oils as base ingredients, eliminating the need for preservatives or emulsifiers. These vegetable oils retain their properties and often provide a rich source of nutrients for the skin. In oleo-cosmetics and the oily serums of émeo, for example, you will find 100% active ingredients for the skin, offering a truly effective skincare experience.

Organic commitment with émeo

In its commitment to an organic and environmentally friendly approach, émeo has chosen to be certified by Ecocert and join Cosmébio. This ensures that each product undergoes rigorous audits, not only on the ingredients used but also on packaging and the company's ethics. This approach aims to provide total transparency to consumers and promote conscious and sustainable beauty.


In conclusion, it is essential to be aware of the compositions of the cosmetic products we use. Do not be swayed by greenwashing and marketing promises. Instead, prioritize transparent and committed brands, such as émeo, which place quality and effectiveness at the heart of their approach. Opt for formulations rich in actives and respectful of your skin, as therein lies the true secret to genuine and enduring beauty.

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