Prendre soin de sa peau à la ménopause

Menopause: Embracing a New Chapter in a Woman's Life

Menopause marks a new phase in a woman's life, bringing about significant changes in both the body and the skin. Often overlooked, these changes deserve special attention. No need to worry; we have solutions to guide you through this journey. The skin, a true reflection of our inner and outer well-being, undergoes transformations just like the body. It's time to break the taboo surrounding the impacts of menopause on the skin!

Explaining Menopausal Transformations

Perimenopause, which occurs over a period of 2 to 4 years or more, preceding menopause, is characterized by menstrual irregularities and symptoms such as hot flashes, diffuse pains, difficulties in concentration, and various other symptoms.

Menopause itself occurs when the production of sex hormones, primarily estrogen, significantly decreases, marking the definitive closure of the ovarian "factory." This natural process, on average at the age of 51, can be early (before 40) or late (after 55).

Impact on the Body: More Than Just a Pause in Periods

The decrease in estrogen during menopause can lead to various impacts on the body, such as accelerated bone loss, atherosclerosis, insulin resistance, weight gain, hot flashes, night sweats, genital and urinary issues, as well as dryness and dehydration of the skin.

Solutions for a Better Menopausal Experience

To navigate this stage serenely, solutions exist. At the end of this article, you will find useful links to guide you. We focus here on caring for your skin during menopause.

Estrogens and Skin Quality

Estrogens play a crucial role in the quality of the skin. They contribute to making it supple, elastic, and firm by stimulating the production of collagen. With the decrease in estrogen, collagen production diminishes, affecting the skin that becomes dehydrated, wrinkled, and more fragile. You may also notice the appearance of brown spots or hyperpigmentations.

Remedies for the Skin: Nutrition and Tailored Care

To counter these effects, I recommend a balanced diet with supplements of Borage and Evening Primrose oil. Enjoy the sun for at least 15 minutes a day for vitamin D, but avoid peak hours to preserve your skin. Choose a sun protection certified as COSMOS Organic.

Daily Skincare

Choose gentle skincare for your skin. Here are three routines tailored to different needs:

1. Morning and Evening Routine (for dry skin)

- Cleansing with Liniment
- Rose Hydrosol
- Collagen Boost Serum or Rehydrate Serum

2. Morning and Evening Routine (for skin with imperfections or spots)

- Cleansing with Liniment
- Hydro-floral Toner
- Alpha-lift Premium Serum

3. Morning and Evening Routine (for redness-prone skin)

- Cleansing with Liniment
- Chamomile Hydrosol
- Sensicalm Premium Serum

Additional Skincare

Don't forget to apply a mask once a week to revive the radiance of your skin. The Bee Mine mask, gentle yet effective, hydrates and softens the skin.

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