Découvrez Pioupiou Cosmetics : Soins Naturels pour les bébés

Discover Pioupiou Cosmetics: Natural skincare for babies

Three years ago, éméo launched a range of baby products, guided by the vision of our founder Charlotte, a determined midwife aiming to provide a natural and organic alternative for parents concerned about their little ones' skin.

However, as our company evolved, we made the logical decision to discontinue the éméo baby range and focus our attention on solutions for other stages of women's lives.

That's when we discovered Pioupiou Cosmetics and met Claire Dohte, a passionate entrepreneur based in Switzerland.

In this article, explore the world of Claire and her brand, which we warmly recommend for your children. This collaboration goes beyond a simple promotion; it's an opportunity for our customers to discover an exceptional brand while allowing Pioupiou enthusiasts to explore our éméo products. Claire and I also share our thoughts on entrepreneurship, organic cosmetics, values, and eco-responsibility through a question-and-answer format.

Question 1: Who is Claire Dohte, Founder of Pioupiou Cosmetics?

Claire:Hello everyone, I'm Claire, the founder of Pioupiou Cosmetics, a natural skincare brand based in Switzerland. My passion for the cosmetics world dates back to my childhood, where I've always been fascinated by the details, stories, and components that create the magic of a product range. I've had the opportunity to work with major brands and in significant groups, but it was becoming a mother to two little boys that shifted my perspective. We've been living in Switzerland for about a decade. Parenthood changed how I view the ingredients we use daily, our beauty routines, and consumption in general. Like any parent, I seek the best for my children and want to convey values through products that make sense for their health, well-being, and the environment.

Question 2: What is Pioupiou's philosophy regarding baby care?

Claire: Pioupiou was born from the desire to develop gentle products meeting the needs of the entire family, especially delicate skin, without compromise. My dream was to create healthy, natural, elegant, and sustainable care for our little ones, and I hope our products convince all families.

Question 3: How did you choose the name "Pioupiou," and what does it represent?

Claire: "Pioupiou" represents much more than a cute name. It embodies a deep connection with childhood and nature. This choice was symbolic, inviting us to return to our roots, embrace the purity of childhood, and celebrate the beauty of nature.

Question 4: What have been the highlights since Pioupiou's launch in 2022?

Claire: The launch in 2022 was a memorable moment, followed by initial sales, positive customer feedback, and brand growth. It's rewarding to see that our vision resonates with so many people.

Question 5: How did the collaboration with éméo materialize, and what discussions have you had with Charlotte about entrepreneurship and eco-responsibility?

Claire: The collaboration with éméo developed organically. It all started with a lovely meeting with Charlotte, the founder. Sharing similar values of transparency, respect, and love for nature, we found synergy that resulted in a fruitful collaboration. éméo shares our commitment to environmentally friendly and health-conscious products. More surprises to come together soon.

Question 6: What are Pioupiou's key values, and how do they reflect in the products?

Claire: At Pioupiou, our key values are transparency, respect, and love. They are reflected in every aspect of our brand, from the choice of 100% natural ingredients to certifications and materials used (glass, biodegradable, etc.). We believe in complete transparency about our product composition, respect for nature and its resources, and infuse love into every formula we create.

Question 7: How does the Swiss environment influence Pioupiou as a French founder?

Claire: Being a French founder in Switzerland profoundly influenced Pioupiou. I've been living here since 2012, on the German-speaking side, and was captivated by the atmosphere, purity, and safety of this environment. The products were created in the heart of Switzerland, in collaboration with a renowned organic laboratory known for its Swiss excellence and purity. The Swiss environment inspires our commitment to quality and authenticity.

Question 8 (Bonus): What is your favorite Swiss food?

Claire: Cheese! There are excellent ones everywhere, especially cheese-based dishes like fondue and raclette. I won't discuss the origin of each of these dishes, but in any case, I enjoy them here.

Thank you for taking the time to discover Pioupiou Cosmetics with éméo!

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