éméo et la Certification Bio : Un Engagement en Faveur de la Beauté Durable

éméo and the Organic Certification: A Commitment to Sustainable Beauty

Since its creation, éméo has been dedicated to providing effective skincare solutions that are not only beneficial for the skin but also free from harmful ingredients that can impact both health and the environment. 

Our mission is to promote self-care while minimising our ecological footprint. While achieving complete ecological perfection may be challenging, we are continuously striving to explore solutions and implement measures on our scale to support the development of packaging and ingredients with the least possible impact.

For many years, we chose not to pursue certification due to our stringent criteria surpassing most existing standards. However, two years ago, we decided to obtain the "Bio Inspecta" certification in response to the demands of our customers and retailers. In an era where consumer trust has been shaken, the Organic certification provides a valuable reassurance of quality. This year, we are taking a step further by obtaining the COSMOS certification, driven by two key reasons.

  1. The Bio Inspecta certification is not recognised beyond Swiss borders and lacks specialisation in the cosmetics industry. 
  2. Joining Cosmébio requires COSMOS certification. 

Our certifier, Ecocert, meticulously evaluates various elements to secure the COSMOS certification:

  • Ingredients
  • Formulations
  • Manufacturing Methods (Laboratory Inspection)
  • Packaging
  • Commitment to reducing ecological impact
  • Traceability between production and sales

An annual audit ensures compliance, a complex process demanding substantial time and financial investment. However, our ultimate goal is to offer customers the best in composition, manufacturing quality, and traceability. Depending on the percentage of certified Bio ingredients, we award either the COSMOS NATURAL or COSMOS ORGANIC label.

The 4 principles de reduce packaging

The COSMOS certification now incorporates criteria related to eco-responsibility and the reduction of secondary packaging. Here are the four principles we adhere to and must demonstrate at least every three years for continuous improvement:

Principle 1: REDUCE

  • Optimize the appropriate volume/weight ratio between packaging (primary and secondary) and the product
  • Eliminate secondary packaging
  • Offer products in bulk
  • Eliminate single-use products such as samples

Principle 2: REUSE

  • Promote refillable/reusable packaging
  • Use consigned materials like glass
  • Implement a second-life system for packaging (primary, secondary, shipping materials)

Principle 3: RENEWABLE

  • Use renewable materials
  • Incorporate biodegradable and compostable packaging materials
  • Prefer environmental certifications, such as FSC/PEFC, for paper/cardboard
  • Opt for natural inks and adhesives on labels

Principle 4: RECYCLABLE

  • Use at least 20% recycled content in primary packaging
  • Prioritise monomaterials for primary packaging
  • Select packaging materials (if not monomaterials) that can be separated according to local guidelines
  • Organise collection and deposit of empty packaging, either internally or by an external third party
  • Opt for recyclable labeling materials

The Organic certification extends beyond ingredients, as evidenced by our ongoing commitment to reducing unnecessary packaging. Secondary packaging is exclusively used for smaller containers.

Cosmébio association

Furthermore, we have joined the Cosmébio association, which guarantees not only a naturally derived formula but also environmental sustainability, social commitments, and responsible communication. This partnership is realized through Ecocert, as associations cannot issue certifications.

Nestled in the heart of Drôme, near Valence, the Cosmébio team works tirelessly to achieve several key goals:

  • Support professional development and encourage market growth by organizing over twenty training sessions and webinars each year, covering a wide array of topics relevant to all facets of the industry.
  • Raise consumer awareness about responsible cosmetics through daily communication, sharing their philosophy, and providing weekly thematic guides to address consumer queries.
  • Advocate for consumer interests by collaborating with various entities and engaging with public authorities on pressing matters.

A recent initiative named "Cosmn'pack" involves a test phase in France for washing and reusing cosmetic containers. This groundbreaking step could drastically reduce the need for new packaging with each production, fostering a truly circular economy.

Together we are stronger

In conclusion, the organic certification represents a profound commitment deeply ingrained in our ethos. By joining Cosmébio, we enhance our ability to positively impact the cosmetic industry for the betterment of our customers and the environment. Together, we are a powerful force!

We would love to hear your perspective on organic certifications. Were you familiar with all the requirements associated with this certification? Feel free to engage in this discussion with us. Your insights are valuable to us as we continue our journey towards sustainable beauty.

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