One-on-one consultations

What are the conditions for an éméo consult
We do not diagnose skin problems; this should be done by a dermatologist to provide you with the best advice. The consultation allows us to consider all the factors that can influence your skin, such as physical, psychological, dietary, hormonal, etc., and give you recommendations so that you can achieve healthy skin.
How is the consultation held?
The consultation will be held by zoom or teams, once you will have reserved your consult we will send you a link.

Using éméo skincare

My skin is worse since I started using éméo's products what should I do?
It happens that the skin undergoes a sort of detox, and it may worsen before getting better. Sometimes, it can be doing well, but two weeks later, it might become drier or have more pimples, redness, etc. This is normal and is called the rebound effect. The skin takes 28 days to renew itself, so results may sometimes take longer to become visible. Always test a new product on the inside of your elbow and leave it on for 24-48 hours. To learn more, check out our blog. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts
Are éméo's products suitable for children?
The most suitable treatments for children are the Vanilla oil, the Zinc balm, and the 'Calme' butter (from 5 years old as it contains essential oils). As for the rest of the products, each situation needs to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. We are available to provide further advice.
I would like to start using natural products. Can I gradually stop using traditional cosmetics in order to finish the already opened bottles?
It is clearly better to switch directly to 100% natural cosmetics. It's up to you to choose the right time. Natural products do not mix well with conventional cosmetics, and the same applies to conventional makeup. To achieve good results, it's all or nothing.
I miss the texture of a cream what should I do?
Yes, it can sometimes be difficult to get used to the texture of just the oil. However, you can mix a bit of hydrolat in the palm of your hand, add the serum, and emulsify between both hands. The consistency then becomes more 'milky' and can be applied like a cream. You also then get the benefits of the actives of the hydrosol and the serum.

Precautions and contraindications

I don't like the smell of plain oils what can I do?
You can get in touch with us directly, and we will guide you on a selection of essential oils that can help mask the scent that bothers you, even with a low dosage. Do not add essential oils without first seeking the advice of a competent person
I am pregnant, can I continue to use my usual skincare routine (liniment-hydrosol -serum)?
Liniment and hydrosols are perfectly suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as are the majority of our serums. The Acnérium serum contains essential oils, which you could replace with the Alpha Lift serum.
Can I go in the sun after using éméo's skincare?
Yes you can with most of our products, I do recommend that you do the Bee Mine mask in the evening though as it's exfoliating action will make your skin a little more sensitive to UV rays. Always apply organic sunscreen after using our products

General information

Are your products made in Switzerland?
All our products are manufactured in Switzerland in a laboratory located in the canton of Valais. Whenever possible, we prioritise Swiss suppliers for our raw materials and swiss plants. We also formulate all of our products and are unique to éméo. They are based on extensive research combined with medical knowledge to provide the best for skin health.
Do we deliver outside of Switzerland?
Yes, we deliver internationally to most countries. For Europe, there are no extra fees; however, for the rest of the world, you may incur additional border costs that are beyond our control.
Is your brand organic?
Yes our products are certified organic, we are in the process of obtaining the certification by Ecocert for COSMOS organic. We are also members of the association Cosmébio.
Are your products tested on animals?
No and never will!
Are your products Vega?
Most of our products are and a logo will be visible on each product page
Why are some of your products sometimes out of stock?
We are dependent on the deadlines imposed by our laboratory, and it's true that we sometimes experience delays. Feel free to email us for more information. Our raw materials are natural, and it happens that some harvests are less fruitful from one season to another. This sometimes has an impact on our suppliers, who, in turn, experience stock shortages. As a result, we may need to search for another supplier, which affects the timelines.

Makeup and makeup removal

Can I use liniment to remove my make-up?
Yes you can remove make-up from your face and eyes, even waterproof mascara comes off easily

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