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    Our transformative products are designed to empower you, helping you feel confident in your own skin and reach for the stars, so you can truly live your best life. Embracing your inner beauty and radiating it outwardly, our offerings inspire a holistic sense of well-being and self-fulfillment.

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    The beauty of Switzerland

    We believe in the power of nature and base our innovative formulas on the healing power of carrier oils, botanical extracts and essential oils.

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  • Formulated in Switzerland. Made In France

  • Cosmos Organic Certification in progress

  • Maximum Benefits, Minimum Ingredients

  • Not Tested On Animals

  • Recyclable Packaging

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Our solutions by skincare type

  • Cleanser Path 25845

    Clean skin is essential for an effective skincare routine, but it's important not to strip it of its natural oils. It's crucial to cleanse it morning and evening while preserving its important microbiome for skin health.

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  • Toners and Hydrosols Path 25845

    To complete the cleansing process and help the skin restore its pH balance, it is important to use an alcohol-free hydrosol or toner made from hydrosol and botanical actives. You can also add a few spritzes of hydrosol to your favorite serum in the palm of your hand for an even more potent treatment enriched with actives. Find out more
  • Facial Serum (Face oils) Path 25845

    Our serums are formulated with precious plant oils rich in active ingredients. Some contain essential oils, others contain botanical extracts obtained through innovative extraction methods, while some are composed solely of a synergy of plant oils. These serums can replace all your regular creams (day and night), providing a tailored solution to the specific needs of your skin. They are exclusively composed of certified organic natural ingredients, with exceptional properties. No undesirable ingredients or synthetic fragrances are present. Find out more
  • Targeted Skincare Path 25845

    Our targeted treatments have been specifically formulated to help you take care of specific areas of your skin that require special attention, providing a concentrated formulation of active ingredients. They are designed to be both effective and gentle on your skin, allowing you to achieve a healthy complexion with a gentle touch.

  • Face Mask Path 25845

    Incorporating regular masks and/or exfoliation into your skincare routine is essential for deeply caring for your skin. It is recommended to do so on a weekly basis to achieve the best results. Masks are effective in targeting specific concerns such as hydration, radiance, or skin purification, as they contain a high concentration of active ingredients. They help to remove impurities, minimize the appearance of pores, soothe irritations, and revitalize the skin. Additionally, regular exfoliation helps to eliminate dead skin cells, promoting cellular renewal, improving the texture of the skin, and revealing a brighter complexion. By combining these deep care treatments with your usual routine, you can maintain healthy, radiant, and balanced skin. Find out more
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Founder's story

Hello! Allow us to introduce ourselves – we are Charlotte and Heike, the passionate duo behind éméo. Charlotte, the founder and CEO, brings her expertise as a qualified midwife and skilled formulator, while Heike, the co-founder and CMO, draws from her background as a former professional mountain biker and marketing expert. Together, we form a formidable team dedicated to providing women with the best skin care solutions, crafted by women.

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