We deeply value your wellbeing and the health of your skin. That's why, at éméo, we are dedicated to providing simple, yet effective skincare routines tailored to your needs. We understand the demands of your busy lifestyle, which is why our products are designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine. Our formulation process revolves around YOUR needs, as we meticulously curate a harmonious blend of organic and natural ingredients with proven benefits, specifically catered to address your skin concerns. YOU are at the core of our mission; we genuinely care about your skincare journey and aim to assist you in attaining healthy and radiant skin. Remember, when your skin is happy, you are happy too!

Laboratoire ecocert cosmos

Formulated in Switzerland. Produced in France

Our products are formulated in Switzerland, containing precious Swiss botanical actives from alpine plants. They are now manufactured in a laboratory in Alsace, France, specialized in plant extracts and certified as Cosmos Organic to uphold our high standards. This transition to the Alsace laboratory was driven by our relentless pursuit of quality. In our quest to ensure that you receive exceptional skincare, we chose this laboratory that shares our passion. It is close to our hearts and our teams, allowing for regular visits, especially for Charlotte, who was born in Strasbourg. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every bottle we produce, guaranteeing you an unparalleled skincare experience every day.

Nature and Ingredients

We are dedicated to formulating products that prioritize the use of all-natural ingredients with minimal processing. Our deliberate choice ensures that our formulas remain free from toxic or undesirable substances. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, never compromising on the integrity and safety of our products.

We will never test on animals, and we will always choose the best ingredients for your skin without compromising the environment and it's biodiversity.

Organic certification

To provide transparency and empower you as a consumer, we are proud to be in the process of being certified organic by Ecocert as COSMOS ORGANIC. This esteemed certification allows us to be part of the Cosmebio association, where we actively collaborate with industry leaders to enhance sustainability and promote quality in skincare.

Philanthropy and protecting the earth

In addition to our commitment to natural ingredients, we deeply care about the environment. That's why we have embraced sustainable packaging practices. By reducing waste and minimizing our CO2 footprint, we actively contribute to the fight against climate change. Our efforts extend beyond our products; we believe in fostering a sustainable skincare industry.

Moreover, we have joined the esteemed 1% for the Planet movement. This demonstrates our unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility. By dedicating a portion of our profits to environmental causes, we actively contribute to the well-being of our planet.

At éméo, we believe that nature and sustainability go hand in hand, and we are passionately dedicated to both your skin's health and the health of our planet.