At éméo, we are passionate about promoting environmental consciousness and prioritizing the sustainable well-being of our planet. We recognize the significance of recycling and minimizing waste, and we have taken intentional steps to reduce packaging and foster responsible disposal practices.

Miron anti-UV Glass

We take great pride in the quality and protection of the ingredients we meticulously select for our products. To safeguard their integrity, we have chosen Miron anti-UV glass for the majority of our packaging solutions. This remarkable glass not only embodies exceptional quality but also possesses outstanding protective capabilities. By shielding our precious ingredients from harmful UV light, we ensure their longevity and preserve their potency, allowing us to deliver the finest experience to our valued customers.


While most of our products are packaged in Miron anti-UV glass, we also utilize clear glass and aluminum for certain items. We understand the environmental concerns associated with plastic, and we are actively exploring alternative options. Our commitment to sustainability compels us to seek materials that align with our values, and we eagerly anticipate the emergence of more eco-friendly alternatives.

Secondary packaging

In our pursuit of environmental responsibility, we are proud to employ FSC certified paper for our secondary packaging. The FSC certification guarantees that the paper we use is sourced from responsibly managed forests, promoting biodiversity preservation and ecological equilibrium.

Carbon footprint

Reducing our carbon footprint is a paramount objective for us. We have implemented various strategies to minimize our environmental impact, including energy-efficient manufacturing processes, sourcing materials locally whenever feasible, and optimizing transportation logistics. However, genuine progress requires collective action.

We need you

This is where you, our esteemed customers, play a pivotal role. By conscientiously recycling all the packaging materials we provide, you actively contribute to the circular economy and help mitigate waste. We encourage you to take advantage of recycling facilities in your area, ensuring that our packaging materials can be repurposed and given new life.

Logistics and packing

Furthermore, we extend our commitment to sustainability throughout our shipping practices. When preparing your orders, we exclusively use paper-based materials, completely eschewing the use of plastic. This allows us to ensure the safe arrival of your purchases while minimizing the environmental impact of our operations.

Greener future

At éméo, we firmly believe that every individual action can make a significant difference in preserving our environment. By choosing our products, you support our dedication to sustainability, and together, we can forge a path toward a greener future.

Join us on this meaningful journey toward a more sustainable tomorrow, where the allure of our products seamlessly harmonizes with the preservation of our planet. Together, let us create a world where beauty and environmental consciousness thrive hand in hand.