Sérum Sensicalm premium: Solution naturelle pour peaux sensibles et réactives

Your ultimate natural solution for sensitive and reactive skin

I've observed a surge in inquiries via email and during consultations seeking solutions to soothe irritated skin and address concerns like rosacea, perioral dermatitis, and more. Here's THE solution for sensitive, reactive, and irritated skin!
Plant Oils in our Sensicalm Premium Serum:

Let's first talk about the organic plant oils at the core of this product. We select unrefined organic oils, cold-pressed to preserve all their beneficial properties.

Avocado Oil
Rich in unsaponifiables, it offers healing, reparative, and anti-inflammatory virtues. This oil is a treasure for sensitive skin, providing deep hydration and helping to reduce inflammation.
  • Sterols: healing and reparative action. They also reduce inflammation
  • Tocopherols (Vitamin E) and tocotrienols: natural antioxidants.
  • Carotenoids (including beta-carotene): responsible for color, protective antioxidant action against the environment, photoprotective, and giving the skin a healthy glow.
  • Phytosterols (including beta-sitosterol): improve skin barrier function and microcirculation, slow down skin aging. They have anti-inflammatory activity and protect against UV damage.

Safflower Oil
Known for its vasoconstrictive, restructuring, nourishing, and antioxidant properties, safflower oil is a precious ally in the fight against rosacea and diffuse redness. It leaves the skin soft, supple, and protected
  • Vasoconstriction of blood vessels to combat rosacea and diffuse redness (Vitamin K).
  • Restructuring and reparative, it preserves skin elasticity (Omega 6).
  • Nourishing and emollient, it helps restore skin hydration.
  • Antioxidant, safflower oil helps fight skin aging.

Baobab Oil

Rich in proteins, vitamins, and essential fatty acids, baobab oil promotes cell regeneration and maintains skin elasticity. It is particularly effective in soothing irritated and reactive skin, offering long-lasting comfort.

  • Baobab seed is rich in proteins (35.2g/100g) and in Vitamin B1, B2, and PP. It is also rich in trace elements.
  • Provitamin A.
  • Vitamin E.
  • Linoleic acid (32%) and oleic acid (33%) which are very nourishing.
  • Palmitic acid - protects against external aggressions.

These active ingredients are particularly effective for cell repair and regeneration. They also support skin elasticity.

Hemp Seed Oil

Renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties and perfect balance of essential fatty acids, hemp seed oil helps calm redness and irritation. It quickly penetrates the skin without leaving a greasy residue, leaving the skin soft and soothed.

  • Rich in gamma-linolenic acid and stearidonic acid, fatty acids with anti-inflammatory properties that support the skin in its role as a protective barrier.
  • Gamma-linolenic acid also promotes the reduction of redness.

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil

It helps reduce signs of sensitivity and restore the skin's natural balance.

  • Its rich content of Vitamin A (Provitamin A, carotenes, and carotenoids) contributes to cell regeneration.
  • Vitamin E: Powerful antioxidant.
  • Phytosterols: improve skin barrier function, slow down skin aging. They have anti-inflammatory activity and protect against UV damage.
  • Vitamin K: Helps reduce blood vessels on the skin's surface.

Diam® Active:

This unique complex, combining active ingredients from cork oak and coconut, is highly beneficial for sensitive and reactive skin.
Contains the following actives

  • Squalene
  • Phytosterols (beta-sitosterol)
  • Triterpene fatty alcohols (friedelin, betulin)
  • Flavonoids (quercetin)
  • Polyphenols
  • Tocopherols, Vitamin E

A study has demonstrated its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effectiveness, thus helping to reduce redness and skin irritations.
Clinical study on 20 people aged 30 to 50 with sensitive and rosacea-prone skin to evaluate the effectiveness of the Diam® active on redness.

For 28 days, participants were instructed to apply a cream twice a day. One group had a placebo, and the other had a cream with the Diam® active at a concentration of 0.5%.

There was an increase in collagen levels of 5% and a decrease in hemoglobin levels by 10% after 28 days of application. And this with a concentration of only 0.5%; our new serum contains 5%!
Reduction of irritation was also demonstrated on skin cell cultures, with concentrations from 1 to 3%.

Formulation of Organic Serum Sensicalm Premium 

Our serum contains an optimal concentration of 5% Diam® active, offering significant results in reducing redness and improving skin quality. Its lightweight, non-greasy texture quickly penetrates the skin, providing an immediate feeling of comfort.

Combine Sensicalm Premium Bio Serum with our liniment and hydrosol for a complete routine tailored to sensitive and reactive skin. Discover our set of three products for sensitive skin for calm and radiant skin!

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