L’huile d’argan : Un trésor naturel pour votre peau, soutenu par la science

Argan Oil: A Natural Treasure for Your Skin, Supported by Science

Argan oil, extracted from the argan tree, an endemic tree from Morocco and western Algeria, is full of benefits for the skin.

Mainly found in the southwest of Morocco, this tree holds an ancient secret: an oil rich in vitamin E and antioxidants that is increasingly popular for its exceptional properties in skincare.

Chemical Composition: A magical formula for your skin

The chemical composition of argan oil is its major asset, making it a highly effective natural cosmetic. This oil contains a significant concentration of essential fatty acids, including between 0.34% and 0.79% of unsaponifiable compounds, as well as 43% of oleic acid (Omega-9) and 36% of linoleic acid (Omega-6).

Enriched with tocopherols (vitamin E), squalene, sterols, and polyphenols, argan oil offers your skin a true source of benefits. These precious components are known for their healing properties for the human body. However, it is especially on the benefits for the face that argan oil has stood out.

Scientific Studies: Evidence of the benefits of argan oil for the skin

Several scientific studies have been conducted to evaluate the virtues of argan oil for the skin. These studies have demonstrated that this oil has moisturizing (1) and nourishing properties, making it ideal for dry and dehydrated skin.

Furthermore, thanks to its extraordinary regenerating and healing action, it is highly recommended for treating chapped skin, burns, acne scars, and chickenpox scars (2).

Mature and devitalized skin also benefit from argan oil, which, with its firming properties, helps prevent signs of skin aging, such as wrinkles and sagging. Your skin will radiate with a regular application of argan oil.

Discover éméo products: Fully enjoy the benefits of argan oil

To fully exploit the benefits of argan oil, discover our éméo products specially formulated to enhance your skin. The Rehydrate Serum, Alpha-lift Premium Serum, and Bee Mine Mask are enriched with this precious oil to offer you optimal hydration and regeneration.

You can trust in the quality of our products as we use top-quality organic argan oil, chosen for its beneficial properties for the skin.

Don't miss the opportunity to take care of your skin with argan oil, a true treasure of nature, supported by science.

Try our éméo products today and give your skin the attention it deserves. Your skin will thank you with radiance and softness!


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