Naviguer dans l'univers naturel de la beauté – Démystifier le mythe du 98% naturel

Demystifying the 98% Natural

Welcome to all enthusiasts of natural and organic skincare! Our commitment to the health of your skin is unwavering, proudly utilizing organic plant oils and botanical extracts. However, it's time to question the concept of "98% natural" and demystify the greenwashing that can sometimes mislead us.

The dilemma of 98% natural

Imagine this – a refreshing glass of orange juice boasting 98% natural goodness with 2% of a potentially carcinogenic or endocrine-disrupting ingredient. Would you take the risk of drinking it? Or would you opt for 100% pure orange juice? In the world of skincare, the claim of 98% natural might seem enticing, but like that dubious glass of juice, it requires thorough exploration.

Not all synthetic ingredients are bad

Let's be clear – not all synthetic ingredients are harmful. Some may cause irritations but pose no threat to your overall health. At éméo, we advocate for a minimalist approach. Less is more – fewer products and fewer ingredients mean a lower risk of allergies or potential issues. It's crucial to be discerning when evaluating cosmetics, as not everything labeled "natural" is necessarily what it claims to be.

The assurance of organic certification

The best way to ensure your skincare choices is to opt for certified organic products. Certification ensures strict standards are met, guaranteeing the purity and authenticity of ingredients. Always scrutinize the ingredient list and don't be swayed by elaborate packaging or high prices.

éméo's commitment

At éméo, we are proud to offer products that are primarily 100% natural. Only our Hydrofloral Toning Lotion contains a "natural-like" synthetic preservative, identical to ingredients found in nature. Extensive research has revealed no evidence of carcinogenic or endocrine-disrupting effects, but we acknowledge it may be a potential irritant for some individuals. Transparency is our policy, and we are available to answer all your questions about our ingredients.

Stay informed – Watch A Bon entendeur

To further emphasise the importance of making informed choices, we recommend watching the Swiss television program, A Bon entendeur. They have analyzed cosmetics claiming to be natural, revealing that appearances can be deceptive. Don't be influenced by price or packaging – your ultimate guide is the ingredient list.

The complete range of éméo solutions

At éméo, we understand that every skin is unique, with specific needs. Our product range offers comprehensive solutions for various skincare concerns. Whether you have sensitive skin, prone to acne, or in need of intense hydration, éméo has the answer. We take pride in our approach focused on effective skincare, with no compromise on ingredients.

Our commitment to transparency and the principles of certified organic goodness is reinforced by sustainable packaging, reflecting our responsibility to the environment and your skin's health.

Even though we haven't heavily invested in marketing or influencers, our decade of success lies in the loyalty of our exceptional customers.


In our quest for radiant and healthy skin, let's navigate with awareness. Choose éméo for a skincare ritual created with passion, supported by transparency, and always in harmony with the principles of effectiveness and innovation in natural botanical extracts.

Don't compromise the well-being of your skin – read the ingredients, question the claims, and appreciate the beauty of authenticity.

With a complete range of solutions to meet all your needs, éméo is here to accompany you. Our lasting success is built on the effectiveness of our natural skincare, our commitment to impeccable ingredients, sustainable packaging, and the health of your skin.

Thank you to our exceptional customers who have remained loyal to our brand, making us a beloved skincare brand for a decade.

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