Comment utiliser les huiles végétales pour la peau?

How to use carrier oils to care for your skin?

In the extensive realm of skincare, carrier oils are invaluable allies. Contrary to some common beliefs, they do more than just nourish the skin; they help maintain its hydration, strengthen its protective barrier, and contribute to balancing sebum production. In an ideal world, the skin would be self-sufficient, but carrier oils are here to provide valuable support.

However, the choice of carrier oils must be made carefully to suit your specific needs. Follow our tips to understand which carrier oils to choose, how to apply them correctly, and whether you need an additional cream.
Which Carrier Oils to Choose?
It is essential to understand that not all carrier oils are created equal. Avoid food-grade carrier oils at all costs. Always prefer cosmetic-grade carrier oils, as they contain all the benefits of the active compounds found in these oils.

To better understand this distinction, let's use wine as an example: you can buy table wine or high-quality wine. Both are wine, but the quality of table wine is inferior. The same principle applies to carrier oils. Additionally, opt for organic and unrefined carrier oils. They contain not only essential fatty acids but also unsaponifiables (vitamins, minerals, phytosterols, antioxidants, etc.).
Which Carrier Oils for Your Skin Type?
When choosing carrier oils for your face, the first step is to determine your skin type. This task is not always easy, but we offer tips to guide you effectively.

For the body, most people tend to have dry skin, especially in winter. However, there are exceptions, especially for people with skin issues such as acne, which can affect the chest and back. Let's identify some principles to help you choose the right oils:

- Tropical Oils for Dry Skin:
Oils from tropical regions, where trees thrive in arid and dry climates, produce particularly rich oils. For example, coconut oil, shea butter, mango oil, are well-suited for dry skin as they effectively maintain hydration.
- Nordic Oils for Oily Skin:
Oils from Nordic regions are more fluid, adapted to more humid climates. They are more suitable for oilier skin.
One Oil or Several?

The idea that several oils are better than one is a general rule to follow. However, it is essential to maintain balance. Using too many different oils can reduce the effectiveness of each of them. A blend of 4 to 6 carrier oils is often recommended. For the face, it is possible to add a small proportion of shea butter to create a more fluid serum, but many liquid tropical oils are excellent for facial application.
Balancing Carrier Oils
Balance is crucial, even for dry skin. It is important to find a balance between oils from northern and temperate regions and those from Mediterranean or tropical regions. The same principle applies to oily skin; a smaller proportion of southern oils and a larger proportion of northern oils are ideal.
When choosing carrier oils, unsaponifiables are a crucial criterion. They are responsible for properties such as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antifungal, and more. Unsaponifiables can also contain tannins and other phytosterols useful for treating specific skin issues.
Exceptions Confirm the Rule
It is important to note that each person reacts differently to the same oil. For example, one person may love coconut oil for their skin, while another may find it drying. It often depends on the proportions or sometimes the need to exclude an oil from your preparations.
How to Apply Oils to the Skin?
Preferably, apply oils to damp skin, ideally after a bath or shower for the body.

For the face, start by cleansing your skin using a liniment or a soap suitable for your skin type, followed by a hydrosol. Once you have applied your hydrosol, add two drops of serum to your entire face and neck. This method ensures better absorption of the oils by your skin.
Do I Need to Add Cream Before or After Carrier Oil Serum?
No, adding a cream is not necessary when using éméo skincare products. Carrier oils are sufficient to keep your skin hydrated and in perfect health.
éméo Skincare SolutionsFor a perfectly balanced facial oil, éméo has conducted extensive research on carrier oils and botanical extracts to find the ideal combination to meet your skin's needs. You can trust that by using éméo skincare products, your skin will always be at its best.
In summary, carrier oils are a valuable element of your skincare routine. This guide has allowed you to understand how to choose the right oils, how to apply them for the best results, and how to sublimate your skincare ritual to enjoy healthy and radiant skin.

Depending on your skin type, you have learned to identify the carrier oils that suit you best and create a balanced blend. Don't forget that organic and unrefined carrier oils offer the most comprehensive benefits. With this knowledge in hand, you are ready to optimize your skincare routine and showcase radiant skin. Take care of yourself!

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