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Natural Skincare with Charlotte, the Founder of éméo

Join us in an enchanting journey into the realm of natural skincare with Charlotte, the founder of éméo. From captivating blog articles to delightful skincare recipes, Charlotte infuses her work with passion, pedagogy, patience, and professionalism. She has a unique knack for selecting relevant topics for every stage of life.

Interview with Charlotte of éméo: Let's Discover More!

Have you always worked in natural skincare? What is your professional background?

No, I began my professional life as a midwife in Switzerland. In 2002, I moved to England, where I found employment in the administration of an international IT company while waiting to have my qualifications recognised. Subsequently, I decided to start a family and become a full-time mother.

What does your midwifery training bring to your current professional practice?

My midwifery training taught me the importance of blending the medical aspect with the natural side of childbirth. Both aspects are complementary and have their rightful place. The standards of hygiene, anatomy, physiology, and understanding pathologies form the essential foundation in medical and paramedical training. As a midwife, I also developed essential skills such as active listening, empathy, and a natural desire to help and advise, which is crucial in providing solutions to those suffering from skin issues.

What prompted you to switch from conventional cosmetics to the world of natural products?

My children experienced various health issues during their childhood, requiring substantial medical treatments. When my son developed eczema, I was reluctant to resort to cortisone creams.

My ex-husband, who originates from the Caribbean, suggested trying natural butters and carrier oils. I conducted research online to find suitable ingredients and was pleasantly surprised by their effectiveness. However, at the time, I was still using conventional cosmetic products. It was when I developed perioral dermatitis that I realised how harmful these conventional products could be.

My dermatologist confirmed the diagnosis and prescribed antibiotics. Before taking them, I decided to explore natural alternatives.

In 2014, I had the fortune to meet Christine Cuisiniez of Oléassence in Paris, and in just four days, my perioral dermatitis had almost vanished. Two weeks later, there was no trace of this skin issue. I pursued further training to deepen my knowledge of natural cosmetics and to understand the necessary regulations for launching a range of products.

My ex-husband, convinced of the benefits of organic and natural cosmetics, also pursued training in the United Kingdom. Together, we combined our knowledge and created the éméo range.

What is essential to you in the development of your products?
When my ex-husband and I decided to create our range, we agreed that our products had to provide effective solutions for problematic skin. They had to uphold the following values:

- Effective solutions
- Natural ingredients (minimally processed)
- Containing as many certified organic ingredients as possible
- In recyclable packaging
- Environmentally friendly
- Featuring efficient botanical extracts
- High concentrations of active ingredients
- Without synthetic fragrances or any ingredients potentially harmful to health and the environment

How did the COVID-19 pandemic affected your business?

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on our business. It compelled us to rethink our strategy, focusing on our online presence and physical retail outlets.

During this time, my ex-husband, Dennis, pursued his own path, while I continued to develop and adapt éméo to the changing landscape of e-commerce.

How did the idea for creating the éméo blog come about?

When my ex-husband and I founded éméo, I wanted to share my knowledge with as many people as possible, as an increasing number of individuals are struggling with skin issues. Discovering the ingredients in conventional cosmetics drove me to educate them about natural alternatives. This is how the éméo blog was born.

Can you tell us more about your online training?

In a spirit of sharing, I created an online training program to equip you with the necessary tools to make your beauty products, understand carrier oils, and free yourself from conventional cosmetics. This online training will guide you through the fascinating world of carrier oils.

How did you manage the need to find a business partner to share the leadership of the company?

I realised that I did not want to run this business alone, so I sought a business partner who would complement my skills and share the same values that I hold dear. In 2023, Dr. Heike Hundertmark joined me in this exciting adventure with éméo. It was also in late 2023 that my husband and I decided to separate and divorce, although this was an amicable parting and we still remain good friends.

What challenges do you face?

I find it stimulating, frustrating, and exciting to continually adapt to evolving conditions, such as dealing with ingredient shortages or price increases due to events like the war in Ukraine or, more recently, the closure of our manufacturing laboratory. However, we will never waver from our fundamental values of offering effective, organic skincare products to help those with the most sensitive and problematic skin.

Charlotte in a few words:

- A flower?
The white rose.
- Your favorite singer?
I'm an eternal romantic, and my favorite singer is Luther Vandross.
- What melts your heart with happiness?
My children!
- The éméo product you can't do without?
ONE, my weapon against blemishes!
- A passion?
Carrier oils!
- Your guilty pleasure?
Chocolate, hard to resist when we have two chocolate factories in the canton!

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